Monday, August 17, 2009

Blog #3

Nicholas Bohac, featured above, is the first artist that insired me. I have always been a fan of painting but I really enjoyed these pieces because of the colors used. The contrast between the deep brown and light blue are very appealing to me so I would like to try to encorporate that into my work if I can. This artist's Big Idea definately has to do with nature/the environment. I also like the quality that makes the image seem like it is made of many little images. This is another idea I may try to incorporate into my work.

Greg Ferris's work was my second choice because I think his Big Idea is related to my own, perspective. I also like his work because of the collage technique he uses. i was also thinking of working with collage so this will be a good refrence. He also uses lots of different textures which I think makes it appealing.


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  1. I am really very excited to hear more about your thoughts on perspective.
    But I just had to aggree with you on how much i just love Nicholas Bohac!
    He has such a distinct, texture and look to all his peices and all very beautiful at the same time.